ITALIAN DESIGN CENTER Pte Ltd is a Singapore No.1 Professional Special Painting Service and Wall Decoration contracting company.We specialise in providing Wall Painting with Venetian Plaster, Stucco, Polished Plasters, Special Effects Paints and Wall Decoration with Wall Covering panels and laminated materials for exterior and interior design, residential and commercial projects. Our brand OIKOS PAINT  are well-known worldwide and recognised for its premium quality.Our products are green-labeled, innovative and deliver unique aesthetic effects at affordable price.



As an exclusive applicator and distributor of OIKOS PAINT the Italian manufacturer of one of the best water-based paint, eco-friendly decorative products in the world   and in a unique "made in Italy" style, ITALIAN DESIGN CENTER Pte Ltd offers one              of the most vast paint range and finishing techniques available on the market for interiors and exteriors walls. Within the styles we can find Brick Effect for wall and Velvet finishing, Marble and Stone finish, Venetian Stucco, Pearl finish, Metallic finish and Polished Plaster finish, to name a few. 

  • Professional Commercial and Residential Painting Service
  • Free Design Consulting
  • Interior Painting Designs
  • Supervising and Quality Control on site
  • Complete Service, Mixing and Supplying Colour and Application
  • Stucco Aplication and Wall Decoration
  • Special Effects Painting
  • House Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Facade Renovation
  • Oikos Paint Italy-Stucco , Travertino , Ottocento
  • Stucco and Venetian Plaster
  • Special Effect Paint for Walls
  • Textured Paint for Wall
  • Special Paint for Bathrooms
  • Furniture and Wall Laminate Panels 
  • Paints for Interior Walls
  • Metallic Wall Paint
  • Scratch-Resistant Wall Covering
  • Wall Paint Design Ideas